Garry’s Modders: Try out CrapServer!

CrapServer is my 1.6ghz DediRack sitting in my basement.

Currently I run two maps, but I only have enough oomph on the server for one.

CrapServer1 is your generic Flatgrass map. Supports a max of 6 players (max will be bumped to 20 when I get the upgrades to the server done, and choose only one map)

CrapServer2 is your generic Construct map. Same as above for support.

Addons include: PHX, NukePack, and a few other random things.

NOTE: If you’re on the CUNE campus, there’s a 5.xGB addons pack I can provide so you don’t need to download it. Otherwise I don’t know how big they are downloading off the server. Keep in mind the following:

Server specs:

2x 1.6ghz PIII processors

512mb RAM

146GB Ultra320 drive to hold the GMOD files.


and sadly… 128K up connection.

so: if you need to download all the addons, you’re basically screwed.


Now: to connect:

enable developers key console in GMOD (via options>keyboard>advanced>enable developers console)

type in the following on the main menu in the console: (without quotes)

“connect” for Flatgrass

or “connect” for Construct

alternatively, friend me on Steam (Pizzaboy192) and i’ll provide you a way to favorite the servers.


Enjoy killing zombie hookers (or anything else)



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Someone who feels the need to help others using the information that I have discovered. If someone else finds it useful, I'm more than happy to have helped.

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