Sync OneNote mobile with skydrive!

I know I am not the only person left in the world with a true Windows Mobile smartphone. I also know I’m not the only person left who got one with a copy of Office Mobile on it. I personally own the LG Fathom and it shipped to my door with Office 2010 Mobile.
Now my only complaint up to this point with the phone has been that it has a horrible replacement text messaging system that replaced the normal Windows Mobile one, but I’m working on a fix for that and it’s not a big deal.

Now for the meat and potatoes of this post: Syncing OneNote 2010 mobile with an online notebook!
click read more to see how to do it!

Well, the procedure is extremely easy in theory.
1: sync your phone with your pc, and with your local copy of OneNote so it creates a ‘OneNote Mobile’ notebook.
2: click ‘file’ at the top of your OneNote 2010
3: find your notebook, and click share
4: share it to your skydrive.
5: enjoy.

the notebook won’t sync directly, but it’s better than nothing.
and i know there is a way to merge it with your regular notebook, but i havent explored that yet.

happy OneNoteing
(written on my lg fathom using randysrants pocketsharp mt)


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