Remove Arcsoft PowerMobia (For Good) from your LG Fathom.


Get it from the downloads page

If you’ve one of the apparently 12 people who haven’t abandoned the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform for WinPhone 7… and still use your Fathom daily, This will make your day, maybe even your week… or month, I don’t really know.

I have spent the past week slaving away on my Fathom that I use daily to get rid of that horrid Arcsoft crap. And now it’s gone.

Update: 4\13\2011: I have added some updates and rolled all the required files into one .zip file. Get it HERE! (It’s in my Skydrive folder)

Step 1: Go to this thread:


And download the file. Extract it. Save two of the .reg files to your phone and have a tool to open them. The ones you want are: UseWinmoSMSApp.reg, and UseTMAILforSMS.reg

Next: you’ll need to grab the Verizon Arcsoft MMS pack from this thread:

HERE Newer copy in my files pack.

Third: apply the .reg files, soft reset


Fourth: install the .cab, soft reset

Fifth and final step: find the key: HKLM\Software\Arcsoft\Arcsoft MMS UA\Config\mm1\WspHeader\X-VZW-MDN\ and make sure your phone number is in that key without dashes. If it’s not there, put it in.

It should work. It worked for me.




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7 Responses to Remove Arcsoft PowerMobia (For Good) from your LG Fathom.

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  3. Andres says:

    Hi, after doing this changes, the notification widgets in the today screens like SPB Shell and TodayXLive doesn’t display the number of unread emails

  4. Andres says:

    Sorry, I mean, the number of unread SMS messages

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      I have the same problem with Slide 2 Unlock 2. Not sure how to fix it as of yet, and custom ROM’s haven’t fixed it either. Could be a bug with how I’ve patched it out (might have to edit notifications too)

      • Andres says:

        Anyway, great work, the factory SMS app is annoying… if I uninstall the cab and import the *_undo.reg files the default SMS app will be enabled?


      • pizzaboy192 says:

        Yup, that should be all you need to do. I’m going to start looking into what notification settings need to be changed to get the messages to be displayed on other items. They show up fine in Titanium, so I haven’t bothered trying any fixes.

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