Short: Microsoft didn’t kill Zune.

With all this talk that MSFT has killed Zune, here’s one idiot’s idea and proof why they havn’t.
It’s simple really… they specifically said they weren’t killing Zune… just that they were re-focusing more on software.
When was the last time that you saw a true MS, made-in-house phone? Computer? Tablet? Yeah… it’s a step in their main direction. No more MS in-house Zunes… Hello HTC ZunePro, ZuneHD2… ZuneSlide… etc etc etc…
Liscense WindowsZune 7 to OEM makers, make life easier… and base it on WP7, for app compatibility and massive market.
That is the logical way to look at it. Don’t cry over a loss of MS hardware… rejoice over WP7… without the Phone…

Edit: MS Zune team seems to be saying the same thing…




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