Short: “Grown Up” phone in a ToyPhone world…

I find it funny that in this day and age, the typical smartphone has less features, less power, less usefulness than my phone which is considered a “dinosaur”.

The features that people used and needed only a few years ago are apparantly useless in today’s society, even Microsoft seems to agree…

Why do we have to wait for a phone to have the ability to copy and paste? Apple did it when the iPhone came out. I don’t know what Steve was thinking when that decision was made, but it was probably something like “you’re emailing it wrong” or “you’re not supposed to need that”. I still don’t know why MS thinks they need to go the same route… Just because the iPhone is successful doesn’t mean that they need to copy every aspect of it, including the many failures that Apple runs into…

Second: Handwriting recognition? I’m surprised that so few people know that phones can\could do that. My ancient HP Journada 567 has PocketPC2002 on it (Yes, it’s a nearly 10 year old OS) and it can read handwriting as well (or better) than 7 can with my digitizer tablet. Yet, Apple, Microsoft, RIM, and Google feel that nobody takes handwritten notes anymore. People thought I was stupid, an idiot, for buying a phone with a resistive touch screen, but it has been worth it in so many ways. What other phone except a WinMo phone can you have a real photo editing app that you can use a real pencil on to make real edits? You can’t do that on an iPad\phone…

My next phone will have a hybrid digitizer, but until they start making those phones, I’ll be keeping mine. I cannot stand a capacitive touch screen, I can’t understand regressive progress. Newer does not mean better, and my phone is still better than yours. The iPhone was not a standard to meet, it was a standard easily beaten. It still is, but you still have to compare everything to it, because the iPhone has the almighty badge of Steve, so it must make it god.

Well world… You’ve officially gone crazy, 12-21-2012 looks better each day.



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5 Responses to Short: “Grown Up” phone in a ToyPhone world…

  1. Traxxion says:

    Just wanted to say that I couldn’t agree more with your post. Apple’s fanatical followers seem to have convinced the world that all standards should be measured against the Apple. Just a pity that those standards are complete rubbish!

    Now, in May 2011, I am seriously considering buying an LG Fathom rather than the new alternatives, simply because it is one of the last champions of WM6.5 to share decent specs alongside the LG Expo and Samsung Omnia Pro B7610. HTC have let us down badly on this front. Quite like the idea of Android, but it still seems rather limited compared to WM. Yes WM is and always has been superior to other mobile OS platforms by a long shot.

    Thanks for making your tweaks for the Fathom available. Sounds like they can make a great phone even better.

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      No problem. If you do get the phone, let me know. I am looking for more people who use my tweaks, so I can find people who wouldn’t mind testing some others that I have been working on.

      • Traxxion says:

        Finally received the phone a couple of days ago. I installed a good deal of software and was going to try your tweaks, but now I’ve upgraded my ROM to v7 and will have to reinstall a few things. I’m having trouble with GPS amongst other things but I will see how I go on this new rom.

        This phone is FAST. I’m really pretty happy with it. Should keep me going until this toy-phone fad passes, but we seriously need some developers to come back to the platform. Its almost enough to make me take up the gauntlet and learn how to port some software myself.

      • pizzaboy192 says:

        Glad to hear that the phone has gotten your approval =)
        I’ve been slowly looking into getting another Fathom from the internet and wiresharking the crap out of the update process to see if I can sniff out the protocol used by the updater to dump a new rom onto it. Then I’ll look into kitchens too if I can.
        The saddest part is that there seem to be extremely few people who want to develop for Windows Mobile anymore, and those who do specialize in HTC devices it seems.

  2. Jack Crow says:

    Here’s one more underground supporter and future guinea pig for you. My Fathom should be arriving any day now. Tried android and I agree the modern phone OSes just don’t have the power where I need it. My only complaint with the Fathom’s design is one I have with ALL recent (couple years) WinMo phones and that’s the 800×480 screen. It’s not worth the headache and compatibility issues, VGA is plenty for that small of a screen.

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