Short: To answer a Reader’s question:

Wow… I must admit, I logged in after a massive Minecrafting spree… and I had an emails… and a HUGE number of hits tonight on my blogthing.

Now… to the emails (1): “After reading your insightful article on why OSX isn’t for the workplace, I stated to wonder what your opinion on steam opening up to OSX, after it’s dreadful position in work, is it any good for play?” – Simon J.


Well Simon, In all honesty… A “modern” Mac has some decent gaming hardware (Provided they have the ATI GFX cards and not the crap Intel stuff). Just because it’s not meant for the workplace, doesn’t mean it can’t game. Whether or not the game developers decide to port their games to Mac is up to them. Personally, I use Steam daily on my desktop, netbook, and laptop, but I haven’t installed the Mac port yet, because it’s pointless. If I have Windows on a system, I’d much rather run a game in Windows than OSX, so I can’t answer whether or not it’s “Good” for playing games. I’d assume so, provided you have a Mac that is about 2 years old or newer.

Hope that helps



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