Short: LG Fathom AutoRotate app hack

Well… not a hack as much as a Reg edit.
If you’ve used PocketIE on your Fathom, you’ve noticed that when you have the phone in portrait and then tip it to landscape without the keyboard open, the screen goes to landscape anyways.
Wanna have other Apps do that? (Or want to turn off that on some applications like PocketIE?)

Read on.

It’s a simple tweak.

1: you need a reg editor. I have PHM on my phone for when I want to make a simple change on the go. I also have CERegistryEditor on my desktop and laptops so that I can edit it like I would on my PC without needing to mess around on the phone itself. (Just a plug for those two apps, any Reg Editor will work)

2: Find HKEY_CURRENT_UERS\Software\LGE\RotateManager\Exclusive\Apps

3: using one of the other apps as an example, create a new key for the app you want to add to the list of apps that rotate when you tip the phone.

(For this example, I will be using GoogleMaps, mostly because that is the first one that I added to the phone because I use my phone as a GPS system in my car in landscape, with the keyboard closed)

Each subkey has 4-ish 5-ish available items to choose from. I haven’t had time to test all of them, but I used Pictures&Videos as one example of how to allow it to access the Accelerometer data even with the sensor off in settings, and Solitare as the example for how to force it to a set rotation setting ( I deleted the solitare key so I could play in landscape mode if I wanted to.)

Item 1: AccelSensor. DWORD. when set to 1, the auto-tip feature is turned on no matter what your settings are, set to 0, it is locked to whatever rotation you are currently on

Item 2: Priority. DWORD. No idea what that does yet. I just set it to 39 on my GoogleMaps example becasue that is what the others are set to

Item 3: Process. String. Put JUST THE NAME OF THE PROCESS HERE. Not the path to it. Whatever the process shows up as in task manager is the item you want. For me, this is GoogleMaps.exe

Item 4: SlideSensor. DWORD.  Tells whether or not to look at the slider.

Item 5: DMDO, DWORD. 4 settings: 0, 1, 2, 4.

0: Portrait (Rotation of 0 degrees)

1: RT-Hand Rotate (90 degree rotate, opposite of slider)

2: Inverted portrait (180 degrees of rotation.)

4: Left-Hand Rotate (270 degrees of rotation. Same direction as slider)

This key can be set with only the process key to force an app to stay in a certain setting. Enjoy.

These four five keys can then force apps to either stay in a rotational setting, or can allow apps to rotate whenever they want. It all depends on what you put.

As stated, this is still a research-in-progress post, so I’ll keep working on it for the next half hour (It’s almost dinner) and I’ll let you know what turns up, and edit this accordingly. Just giving anyone out there with a Fathom a heads upas to what else they can do with this amazing phone.

EDIT: Added bit about DMDO settings.



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Someone who feels the need to help others using the information that I have discovered. If someone else finds it useful, I'm more than happy to have helped.

3 Responses to Short: LG Fathom AutoRotate app hack

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  2. Traxxion says:

    Thanks. I have only tried this out on a QVGA game so far – it doesn’t appear to have any effect on the game, but I will keep trying. I am thinking about compiling a REG export for all my apps implementing this tweak. I’ll see how it goes! Thanks again for sharing!

  3. pizzaboy192 says:

    You can try another setting as well:
    set it to 1 and it enables the keyboard slider
    set it to 0 and it doesn’t pass slide detection to the program.

    You also need to reset the phone after you edit the registry for the settings to take effect.
    Whoops… Just realized that I already had that as an option.

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