IMDisk, better than Daemon Tools… And it’s FREE!

Here’s a plug for a nifty piece of free softwares that I found a few months ago when looking for a RAM disk for Windows 7.

I found a nifty piece of software: IMDisk virtual disk manager. It’s got tons of features: RAM disks, Mount .iso files, .dmg files, any sort of image file (including .img ones), emulate any sort of drive, including floppy disks!

It can mount basically any file and make it either as a disk file on the HDD, or slap a file into your RAM and read it fast. It can load up an empty allocated chunk of memory to dump a bunch of files into for quick storage, and then you can save that into a .img file to use later (You can install all your games into seperate RAM drives if you’ve got enough RAM too, and just save them as .img files when you’re done playing).

Installation is a little different, You run the file, and it asks if you one question: Do you want to install a control panel applet? Say yes. And you’re done.

Go to the Control Panel and there’s a new icon: IMDisk Virtual Drive Manager. You can create new disk images, ram images, and all sorts of other features that the developer can tell you about and explain how to use on the site.

It also integrates with Windows Explorer. Right-click any disk image file, and you can mount it in RAM, mount it outside of RAM, mark it read-only, or many other features. I find mounting a game installer in RAM is much more efficient than mounting it via the HDD, but you need atleast 8GB to do that.

You can get it here

Goodbye Daemon Tools. Forever. (It emulates CD drives better than Daemon tools too)



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