UBERBETA: LG Fathom Arcsoft Remover

Just an FYI: There’s a new version out. This one is again, a very big beta release. It’s main features are that you don’t need to kill Transport.exe while installing, and that it puts a “Text” icon in your start menu. Hopefully it works. I’ve also released a fix to those using the V1 patcher. it gives you your text icon so that you can still use SMS\MMS again.

It’s available on my new download’s page.

V0.9.1: Fixed massive bug. Should be good now. Bug didn’t harm anything, just misplaced a registry key

Installed it on a clean Fathom. Works great. YOU MUST KILL Transport.exe first. Otherwise the install fails. Reboot after to make it all work. I personally use it, so no need to worry.

I have something that you might like.

It’s my first attempt at the full .cab file to remove the Arcsoft PowerMobia software from your LG Fathom.

Please remember this is BETA software, I take no responsibility to having it eat your phone, steal your girlfriend, give your ear a nasty infection etc… It’s just a dirty hackjob I did to see if it was possible.

Hopefully it works, it seems to work on mine.

You can find it on my SKYDRIVE folder here.

Remember… If ANYTHING goes wrong, contact me here and I’ll try to help you, but BACKUP YOUR PHONE before you try anything.




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Someone who feels the need to help others using the information that I have discovered. If someone else finds it useful, I'm more than happy to have helped.

4 Responses to UBERBETA: LG Fathom Arcsoft Remover

  1. hurricane says:

    So how do I kill Transport.exe? Thanks for your help on this.

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      You can use nearly any 3rd party task manager to do so. You could also download the newer patch (mentioned in one of my newer posts, or found at pizzaboy192.com/downloads/ ) which doesn’t require this step.

  2. praveen says:

    I uninstalled the Arcsoft.. Now when i click on Message button on start menu screen it throws an error “ArcMSG is not a valid pocket pc application.”

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      Check http://pizzaboy192.com/downloads/ to find the fix for my V1 remover. It installs a new icon “Text” in the start menu and removes the “Messages” one.
      Sorry for the problems. V2 doesn’t have them (I hope)

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