Update: Metro Transformation Pack for Windows Mobile 6.5.3

I’m still working on it, don’t worry.
Learning some CSS\HTML for a while, but learning the stuff that pertains to IE6\PIE4 is harder than I thought.
Latest updates to the pack: SMS\MMS theme.
Titanium mod (possible) to turn it into Tiles.
Dynamic background for notifications on lock screen (May require another small app to watch notifications and change different images accordingly.)
I’ll be slowly moving my blog over to the new blog (Pizzaboy192.com/blog) when I fix the bugs that i’ve found.
(cannot access or upload files. May be only text based with files uploaded off-blog)
So far, I have a 30% complete lockscreen, a 10% complete titanium mod, and a 15% complete SMS theme. There are some finishing touches that I need to make to get the WM theme to 100%, but that won’t be released for a while.
I can release the lockscreen if anyone is willing to test it. It’s only one layer deep patched. I need to add in some new sliders for phone call and in-phone. Need to fix a bug where notifications show up under the clock. Also need to add a ‘silence call’ slider so it will ‘ring’ on the other end, but not in your pocket.
Need to work on the idea of a notification hook application to create images on the fly for notifications, or to hook the numbering from the notification sliders to the images on the background. they’ll both be harder than anything i’ve done yet, so any other dev’s help is greatly appreciated.

I’m working M\W\F now that school is out, but I will have time after work to work on this. I’ll try to put in about a half hour a day to get it somewhere by the end of the summer (and in the process learn plenty of XML, WM, CSS, HTML, and whatever else MS used to theme these phones)

That’s it for now.



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