Google Music Beta: Review

First off, I’m waiting for a Developers API. First thing I’ll do with it is write a WM App for it.
Second: Because there’s on WM Device compatibility for it AT ALL, I’m a little disgruntled. But, I can tether and use my Netbook, so I’ll be fine when driving. (That’s one beauty of the WM tether apps, they aren’t traceable by VZW)

Now on to the nitty-gritty. The music half of the Google Music Free Beta.

It is honestly pretty impressive. It loads quickly, uploads music in the background (it doesn’t support WinAMP, but i can just point it to my Music folders and call it good.) and it is pretty dang fast.

As of right now, it seems to use as much of your internet download speed as possible when it comes to streaming music. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, unless you’re using a 3G connection, or if your school is dumb like mine, and limits you to only xGB of internet a week. I feel that this will help me be able to consolidate my music onto just my desktop, and have what I want to listen to available on all my devices (Unlike Pandora or Slacker, both of which have ads and play whatever the heck they want, and are limited to licensing.)

Now, I could post screenshots of this, but they’re all over the internet right now, so I’m going to be lazy (for 2 reasons: 1 is that I’m still enjoying using it, and 2 is that I’m planning on moving my blog to my site soon)

As for the underpinnings, it is pretty fast, but requires flash to play music. I’m still wiresharking my way into some sort of API to get my music playing properly on WinMO.

Anyways, Music Beta is amazing. Good work Google. Just get us an API or a WinMO app. (I cannot stand Android, so I won’t be getting it anytime soon. though I may end up getting a Nook Color or other cheap tablet that runs Android with a patched Market)


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