God’s Work in People’s Lives.

In part 1 of who-knows-how-many posts for a series of posts about things on my mind, I’m going to tackle the idea of God’s work in people’s Lives.

Now… Before you jump all over this thinking I’m some sort of religious basher, I’m not. I won’t be either. If you’ve ever emailed me and gotten a reply (or if you’re friends with me on Facebook, Twitter, or stuff) You’ve seen that I’m not a religious basher (nor am I some Holier-Than-Thou person).


Anyways, on to the meat of this.

I’m personally an advocate of “Random occurrences of randomness” instead of “Random Acts of God”. I know way too many people who attribute too many random events in their (or other’s) lives to something that God has done. In all honesty, God doesn’t work that way. He isn’t the kind of person who drops obvious hints to you about all sorts of crap in your life. God doesn’t micromanage your entire life and prod you the entire way. God works in another way, he works in your life in bigger ways than “God must have not wanted me to buy that item on the menu because they were out of it anyways” or “if you don’t get a job, then God must not want you to have one”. Both of these are mis-interpreting the idea of God as someone who pushes you through your entire life and has an exact plan for you. Yes, the Bible says “For I know the plans I have for you”, but he doesn’t plan you out step by step, breath by breath. God works in mysterious ways (As another bible verse says) and that’s what you need to remember when you’re thinking that just because you were 2 minutes late to work and you ended up missing something unimportant that seemed important at the time (like the doughnuts being gone from the break room), God didn’t plan that as a subtle hint that you need to loose weight.

In my life, God has worked miracle after miracle. I’m honestly lucky to be alive in some aspects that I’ve had, and I’ve also found something interesting out. God doesn’t say “this is the job I have planned for you” and “This is the person I have planned for you to marry” and “This is where I have planned for you to live”. Instead he gives you the tools to get a job that will please him, be it one in a medical field, education, public service, fast food, whatever. The idea is that God doesn’t micromanage your life. I don’t like to say that God has more on his plate that just making sure that everything you do is exactly what he wants, but it kinda is like that. God gave everyone free will. Free will and Randomness go hand in hand. Random things that happen life are just that, Random. There is involvement from God when it comes to you dropping your icecream cone while walking, or when you feel that there is some reason that you’re working with some other person. God may have helped in some of it, but he’s not prodding you along with a stick saying “That man over there is the person you will marry, and i’ve introduced you to him by having you work with him and you should get to know him.” no. God is not a big guy with a stick shoving every little person into their pre-designed cookie cutter spots.

God does indeed work in people’s lives, but don’t go over-attributing things to God. There are some things that don’t need to be applied to God when it comes to things that happen. {{And I just realized that I forgot to install WhatPulse on my laptop as I’m tying this}} (Fixed) When God works in your life, he really works in your life, but he doesn’t take away your free will. You’ve still got the ability to say no to any one thing that God suggests to you. (I wouldn’t suggest it, but you do have the ability to). And God gives you the ability to do what he wants. He also gives you the tools to do what he wants, and it’s your job to make proper use of them. In my life, I have been given the talents to do things like teach, or computer\IT work. I’ve also been given an overabundance of forgiveness both to me and others, along with the patience to deal with the most mundane of tasks and people. I could have done anything that I wanted with these skills that I’ve been given, or I could have wasted them. The difference between how God works in my life by giving me the things that are required to do what he wants, and seeing what isn’t there by attributing the random occurrences in life to God instead of the truly Random. To be able to accept that is key

Anyways, That’s my mini-rant for right now, there’s many more of them, and I’ll be spewing them out on days that I’m not working in the next few weeks.

Apologies for the A.D.D.-ness of this post, I tend to just keep typing as I work on these things and don’t really feel like re-reading my entire post. If it doesn’t make sense, I’ll see if I can clarify.




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