Part two: Why Teach?

This is a question posed to me by my supervisor. Why Teach? There are so many other jobs that you can earn more money at.

Here’s a shocker: I don’t really care about the money I will earn as a teacher. All my life I’ve learned how to get by with just what I’ve got. There is no need for me to blow money on extravagant or unnecessary things. All that I need to do is follow my parent’s example (both of which were teachers BTW) and make a budget and follow it.

But here’s what annoys me, People always ask why do I teach when I am also getting a major in Computer Science. They seem to think that it’s silly for me to “throw away” my talent teaching a bunch of highschoolers. I don’t see it as throwing it away. Teaching isn’t about money, and as much as you want to tell people that, every time you do it still sounds foolish coming out of my mouth. Telling people that there is more to life than money really depends on who I’m telling. I could never be able to get that idea through to my supervisor because he doesn’t understand that. He says that I should change my major so that I get a degree “In something that makes more money” and before I could make any response, he asked “What if your kids want something?” To that I have one answer: They can just Deal with it.

Here’s my answer to the money question: Would you want someone teaching who is in it for the money? If there was any good that comes out of the fact that almost every school in the entire nation is under funded and nearly every teacher is underpaid, it would be that the nuts who stick in Teaching as a career are the ones who are wanting to do it for the passion and joy of teaching, not the money. By teaching from the heart, you give from the heart. The child ends up with an education that is meaningful, not just a lecture from some guy who is paid big bucks to sit behind their desk.

When I graduate, I plan to make a difference in someone else’s life, not just spoil my kids with useless crap. I don’t want to waste tons of money giving my kids things that they won’t appreciate. If they want something, they can earn their own money and buy it themselves. If they need it for school, I’ll find a way to afford it.

I will teach because that is what I want to do, not because it makes money. Money has never been something I’ve wanted, and I doubt that when I’ve graduated it’ll be any different. I want to make a difference, not a paycheck.




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