Part Three: “A 4.5 Inch Touch Screen!”

No. I don’t want a phone with a screen that big. There is absolutely no reason for it.

Why the heck do we need to have a phone with a screen bigger than a typical GameBoy Pocket? Heck, the GameBoy mentioned didn’t even live up to it’s name, why would we want something as big as that being thrown into our pants all the time? If I want a smartphone, I want something that is powerful AND can fit in my pocket, not a device that doesn’t really fit in your average pocket, but some pairs of pants it fits, and the rest of the time I’m going to have to carry it on my belt or somewhere else. My phone has a 3.2 inch screen and I’m glad it’s not any bigger. The phone is barely any bigger than your typical dumbphone (Heck, the LG EnvyV3 is bigger than it, along with most typical messaging phones with a full physical keyboard) and it doesn’t weigh a ton (but it feels like a brick in your hand, and that’s a good thing).

The fact that phones even ship with a screen so ridiciously large that you need to buy bigger pants just to have pockets big enough to hold it doesn’t make sense. If I’m buying a phone, I want it to seamlessly integrate into my life, not bust the seams in my pockets when I sit down. A phone should be portable and adaptable, not force you to adapt because of it. Sure, my idea of a smartphone may be different than most people’s (I use Windows Mobile instead of Android, and BlackBerries don’t even qualify in my book as a smartphone) but it shouldn’t matter, we don’t need huge phones.

Why do we have such huge screens? Is it because we now use our devices to watch full length movies? No. I’ve been able to do that on my Palm T|X. (Granted, that does have a 4 inch screen, but it’s square, so size is different there) Is it because we can now stream Netflix to our phones to watch TV? Again, No. It’s been possible before the onslaught of jumbophones, Android is just able to do it natively instead of through the browser (Windows mobile can do it natively too, but nobody will tell you that)

The reason that they’re packing larger and larger screens into the phone is because they know that the average sucker is only interested in one thing right now: Thinness. Everybody wants something thin. Macbook Air, claiming it was the thinnist laptop for a whole four weeks before some PC maker took that crown. iPhone 4, claiming it was the thinnist “Smartphone” until the Nexus S threw that over, and again with the new BlackBerries that will be shipping soon (and yes, the new BB phones shall be another BB added to my list of smartphones). It is like this every few years, First people wanted a Cellphone. Then they wanted a FlipPhone. Then they wanted a Camera Phone. Then it was Messaging phone. Then it was a phone with a QWERTY keyboard. Then it was the smartphone craze where everyone and their little sister just _had_ to have some sort of smartphone. Then there was the iPhone craze where everyone who didn’t have much of a spending limit went out and bought one to see what the fuss was about. Then there was the “Multitouch phase” where the phones needed to be able to see multiple inputs. And now it’s thinness. Everyone wants a freaking thin phone, and doesn’t care what other specs it has. Apple is trying to get people to want Pixel Density because they’ve noticed that screen size is a dumb thing to increase, so they’re increasing resolution. (and I would agree, the iPhone thru the iPhone 3Gs only had a 480×320 display, pathetic)

Why is thinness a problem? Because to make the phone thinner, they have less space to pack taller chips, so they need to spread them out more. This in turn also means that adding faster and more powerful junk into the phone makes more heat, and thinning out the phone means less airpockets for the heat to build up in.By thinning out, they make it almost mandatory to increase the phone’s screen size so they can pack all the junk that a less-thin phone would have packed into a second layer.

Why am I ranting about this? I don’t really know. These are all my personal views, but my own opinion is that we don’t need thinner phones with bigger screens. We need thinner phones with reasonable screens. The HP Veer has it right, more phones should be like it. Small phone, big punch. You don’t need a 4.something inch screen to have a smartphone, you just need a good OS to have a smartphone.



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