Dear Verizon,

I do hope that you don’t go through with these horrible data plans that have leaked out.

I also hope that you realize that your own words make no sense. You get the iPhone, you get a huge mass of Droid based phones, and you’ve now got a Windows Phone 7… and you plan to scalp your customers with the worlds worst data pricing that has been seen.

$30 for only 2GB of data is NOT affordable. It didn’t make sense when AT&T did it, but the only reason they didn’t see that huge of a drop in customers is because most of their customer base was iPhone users who have too much money to spend anyways.

If you had any common sense, you’d do something a little different. $30 for 5GB of data actually makes sense. The typical user goes over 2gb with all the features on a smartphone, but 5gb is still affordable and within a cap if it’s only $30. If you institute the data plans that have snuck out the the internet, you’ll be going against your own rules. Verizon, if this happens, I’ll be buying phones outright from now on and just continuing my contract. I will not be extorted.



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