LG Fathom Required Apps

Here I go, Posting SPREE!

The Apps that I would recommend to anyone using an LG Fathom

1: Avian Waves BattLineSVC

This program is a MUST for any Windows Mobile Smartphone. It does one simple thing: Adds a line to the top of the screen showing you how much battery is left. I’ve installed it on not only my phone, but every WM phone I can get my hands on and every person who notices it is extremely greatful that I did it.

2: ArkConcepts ArkSwitch

This program has 2 nice features on the Fathom: 1: you can assign it to the taskmanager button, and 2: you can use the task manager button on the phone for something completely different because it sets an activation field at the top of your screen so you tap it and it opens up ArkSwitch. It’s pretty dang nifty

3: My LG Fathom Arcsoft Crapware remover.

You can read about that on my blog. Let’s put it this way: Your text messages look a whole lot nicer in the standard Windows Mobile messanger.

4: Ageye G-Alarm.

Worth buying, but the last free version (V1.5.x) is just as good. Custom alarms, mazes, all sorts of random and wonderful crap that makes waking up just that much more fun (And the fact that you have to move a little ball around a maze before you can turn the alarm off is a nice feature too)

5: Chainfire Autoclosepatch.

you can find this on XDA. It hooks onto the system process that force-closes programs when you hit a certain memory limit, and raises the limit. The Ultra settings make it even more insane, but allow you to really take advantage of the Snapdragon processor

6: Chein HomeScreen (Can’t link, on Marketplace)

This one is another invention from XDA. It’s available only on Marketplace, but it’s completely worth it. It allows you to add more features to the normal Titanium home screen, along with removing useless tiles too. (I’ve got mine so it’s: Voicemail, Phone, Forecast, Time, Message, Email, Calendar, Apps, Tasks)

7: Taskanium

If you’re using Titanium and use the Tasks feature of Outlook, this is another MUST. Taskanium allows you to see tasks on the home screen. Sadly, LG has a custom Titanium screen file, so if you’re wanting to install it, contact me somewhere and I’ll help you through it

8: J. S. Advanced Configuration Tool

Probably the best system tweaker you can find. Does everything you want to the system settings. A must for any WinMo phone.

9: Opera Mobile 10

Another must. Much better than PocketIE

10: Vico QuickGPS Lite

Available from FreewarePocketPC, it allows you to connect to a GPS source up to 10x faster.

11: google Maps OR Glympse

Both great navigation programs. Google Maps has Google’s maps. Glympse doesn’t. Glympse allows you to send your position to whomever you choose. Google gives directions. Both work amazingly well.


For the on-the-go IT pro: the RDP 6.5 .cab. I don’t know where I found it, but it’s the only working RDP client for WinMo 6.5 I’ll upload it somewhere and get it to you if you’re interested in it.

WmWifiRouter :Great for Teathering

Lookout Mobile Security. Allows you to track your phone, and also remote wipe it.

There’s some others, and I’ll post the whole list on my site.


About Author
Someone who feels the need to help others using the information that I have discovered. If someone else finds it useful, I'm more than happy to have helped.

5 Responses to LG Fathom Required Apps

  1. Traxxion says:

    Don’t shoot! I’m not spamming!
    ….but I am also compiling an applications list for LG Fathom on my blog if you are interested. Just want to help keep this phone alive and kicking as long as possible!

    LG Fathom stuff under Guides:

  2. windows789 says:

    Personally, I think that Opera Mini is a little better than Opera Mobile. I used Opera Mobile first for a very long time, but Opera Mini is a little faster. And it is more smoother. But some websites don’t work on it, so I use Opera Mobile for those sites.

  3. Jshah says:

    Hi pizzaboy192,

    I have one question for you. Could you please tell how you did tethering using wmwifirouter ? I have LG fathom and I want to use it as a Router through USB. Please reply me. Thank you in advance.

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      For me, it was as simple as installing and running it. I’m using the Fathom on Verizon, so it might work better than using it with a GSM connection. There weren’t any settings that I needed to change to get it to work.
      Have you been trying to get it set up? are you getting any error messages?

      • Jshah says:

        Hi Pizzboy192,

        Thank you for quick reply. I am not getting any error messages. Let me try again and get back to you. Do you think ICS may work ?

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