Random late-night update

Well… I’ve still got 20 minutes of netbook battery, better bash this out quick.
1: with the Fathom able to boot to recovery mode, it’s time for a custom rom. I”m trying to open the current LG one, but it’s not easy. I’ll try my best though, I don’t work tomorrow.
2: I’ve had my Zune HD for nearly 2 weeks now. I’ll be smashing out a true review sometime this week\weekend. (Teaser: I like it)
3: I’ve been fooling around with the idea of a Top Gear-esque review of my 1995 Chevy Corsica… and I’ll do it. Just give me time.
4: Still looking for a good MS Pro Duo card so I can finish my PSP review.
5: I’ve installed another card into my desktop now, allowing me to drive up to 4 displays (6 if i’m daring) and guess what… they’re running parallel, not tandem. No crossfire x trickery here. just plain old fun.

anyways, that’s my random late night update, and now i’m off to bed. I’ll make an attempt to finish off some of the loose ends in the LG fathom world. I”ve got a whole 18 months left to do so, but I might as well get started now.
(I may have mentioned on PPCGeeks that I’m looking into making the Sensor work… I am. Not getting far… but i’m working on it.)
I may also decide to help Pocket Twit Dev Team out with getting their miracle of a Twitter product a Titanium Plugin, and also a fix for that “Not authorized to use this endpoint” junk. Just an idea.)



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