{Shameless Plug} BetaArchive.com

I’ve been planning to do this shameless plug for Andy for quite a while… and no, Being promoted to the high ranks of Moderator (In fact, the only US based Moderator on the site) had nothing to do with me post tonight. I just finally got pissed off at it being in my drafts queue.

Anyways. BetaArchive.com is an amazing site where you can go to find literally any sort of beta you’ve been looking for. There’s Windows (Going back to 1.x), Mac (Also going back to 1.x) Linux (We’ve got the 0.01 kernel source) and plenty of other fun stuffs there. It’s a great resource for all your abandonware needs too, we’ve got outdated versions of most programs, along with nearly every single outdated game in 3.5″ and 5.25″ floppy form! It’s a great place.
And that’s the end of my shameless plug. If you’re seriously interested in being able to access this, or if you’re super-hyped by the idea of playing around with the bits of programs you never get to see (That sounds dirty) then it’s the site for you. Be warned ahead of time though, you need 10 CONTRIBUTING posts on the site to get access to their amazing FTP AND Andy has to approve you. No mooching off my name here. It won’t help you. Plus, since I’m now a mod, I expect a bit more meat and substance when it comes to a post that is considered Contributing. So please, support Andy and check his site out. Maybe even join. It’s a great place.

[/shameless plug]


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