Why ZuneHD?

Here’s a good one for you: I don’t like Apps.
I’ve never liked the idea of the iPod touch. It and the iPhone have one of (personally) the worst UI’s out there. It’s unintuitive, and very inefficient. All you get is a pile of square icons and the ability to scroll pages of them.

The Zune gives you access to what it’s made for in a simple and useful text based UI. You get Music. Tap on Music and you get to refine what you’re wanting to hear OR you can just click the little play symbol next to it and get yourself listening to ALL your music.

It just makes sense.

Now… for the review:

First, if you’re thinking $160 is too much for a slab of brilliant engineering, an OLED display, 16gb of storage, and WIFI access on an nVidia Tegra base, think again. You can get a refurbished one for only $100 on Amazon. (I got mine from WinnerAuctions. They’re on Amazon and Ebay, and you’re Zune HD will be yours for only $100 shipped.)

The device is amazing. I don’t like capacitive screens, but the one on the ZuneHD is amazing. It’s responsive, it’s clear, it’s simple. There’s only three buttons on the device, one to turn it on\off and to put it to sleep\wake it. There’s on that brings up the now-playing screen no matter if your device is locked or not (Great for when you’re driving) and there’s the “back\home” button. It does just that, brings you home.

The simplicity is astounding. There’s no volume rocker. You don’t need one. You can change the volume at the push of a button by pressing the now playing button and the assigning your volume there. There’s no messy screen of little icons. It’s simple text based menus. Everything is simple and it just works.

On top of that, the Tegra2 processor is able to crank out nearly any kind of entertainment you want. Add a dock to the mix and you’ve got full HD via HDMI (Or be cheap and buy the $8 media dock for the classic Zune off amazon (Make sure it’s got the remote) and use composite or component video instead, save $40)

There’s no app market. Which is good because I didn’t buy it to play angry birds or any other number of pointless time wasters. I don’t like time wasters. I honestly feel like i’m wasting time when I could be doing so many other things (and I’ll get bored of them in about 3 minutes and never play them again). Instead, the ZuneHD has many interesting and thought-provoking\brain-stimulating games. Audiosurf Tilt is probably the best, because it’s as endless as your music collection. There’s a labyrinth game, there’s all sorts of problem solving games. and there’s a point to them.

Anyways, sound quality is dependant on your headphones. I’ll admit I’m not an audiophile, but I do feel that it doesn’t harm my music quality any more than my headphones do. And video on it is impressive. I’ve been able to load 3 seasons of Dr. Who on my ZuneHD if I convert them to be sized for the Zune, or 2 seasons of I leave them in HD. I’ve even been able to fit the entire classic Bond series of movies onto it with my music collection. It’s impressive.

And that ends my random babbling. Let me just leave you with this: If you can’t stand iTunes, if you don’t want an iPhone, if you’re not the kind of person who enjoys having a device full of Apps and only 15 songs, or if you’re the kind of person who wants a device that can store video files in full HD and be able to spew them out to your TV via HDMI with little more than a simple dock, the ZuneHD is for you.

Alternatively, if you’re stuck with your head in the sand and don’t really realize how horrible iTunes is, if you’re using a Mac and don’t think anything that’s come out of Microsoft in the past 20 years is good, if you’ve bought an iPhone, or if you’re the kind of person who has an attention span of under 2 minutes so that the simple games that are available in the AppStore from Apple are completely and utterly amusing, an iPod Touch is for you.


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