Warning: School approaching.

I’ve got 15 days until I move into my second year of College.
I’m all prepared this time:
1x Desktop powerhouse PC
2x LCD Monitors
2x DVI cables
2x E-SATA Drives
1x 26″ flat panel TV
1x Laser Printer
1x Bread Machine
1x Tub of clothing
3x pillows
2x Towels
1x Laptop
1x Netbook
2x laptops for others

and a bit more stuff
Basically, I’m set. And as you can see, no Palm devices (Sorry)
I may end up taking my new T2 to school with me to use for more Outlook testing, but for right now, there’s not much more I can do. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be looking at for getting X64 support. I’ll try some other things, but don’t expect miracles.


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