Fathom + T-Mobile: Update

Still working on this. I’m currently re-building the installer to use a GSM version of Arcsoft. This should also be able to released with an AT&T variant by the end of the week. Don’t expect much. I”m moving this week.


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2 Responses to Fathom + T-Mobile: Update

  1. Shobai says:

    Sorry if this is digging up the past, but is this patch you’re talking about linked specifically to T-Mobile, or will it work with any/most GSM providers?

    I’m in Australia, using the Fathom with a GSM provider, and I’d love to be able to get into the GPS.

  2. pizzaboy192 says:

    It is preconfigured for t-mobile, but can be set for any gsm carrier if you have the settings.

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