Just flashed to V5 from V7 on the Fathom. Best Idea Ever.

Finally got fed up with all the issues of the V7 rom from LG.
Flashed to V5.
Here’s the basics:

You can now download the entire V5 flash kit files from my Download Page. It has the ROM and the tools already set up. Just follow his directions and my pictures, and you’ll be on V5 in almost no time at all.
Follow that for ALMOST all of it.
You’ll want to change 2 steps:
1: instead of typing in VS750ZV7_04, you’ll type in VS750ZV5_06 where applicable.

That means renaming the .cab file, and for the rom version and the file name.
Everything else is exactly the same.

See above pictures for refrence. They should show all the information you need. The 2nd picture shows the window that will appear when you’ve entered all your information. After that window appears, plug in your phone in Emergency mode and hit “retry” on the box that pops up. It should go through.

Also, you can reboot the phone into emergency mode by holding 5 as you power it on. (no need to let the support tool try and do it for you.)

So far, so good. No Android start screen ripoff, and I’ve patched my Arcsoft away first thing.
Here’s hoping SPB can restore my phone after a ROM upgrade without borking it too badly.

Update: flash went well. SPB did restore my phone, borked it on first restore. did a hard reset and restored again. Worked that time. Now I just need to get some other things worked out and I’ll be golden.


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Someone who feels the need to help others using the information that I have discovered. If someone else finds it useful, I'm more than happy to have helped.

70 Responses to Just flashed to V5 from V7 on the Fathom. Best Idea Ever.

  1. Shobai says:

    i’m having all sorts of issues trying to follow this =/

    i’ve got all through to step 7. my PC is running Win7 x64, if that throws any spanners in the works. instead of having to select the LGE720 driver, the LG mobile support tool recognises my VS750 model and version..

    i then do step 8; run the kp500 tool, with compatibility and administrator trickery adjusted. at step 13, i’m always halted when it comes to extracting the .cab. i’ve made sure the path exists, but it always fails there. =(

    any ideas?

  2. pizzaboy192 says:

    There shouldn’t be any need to extract the .cab file. You should just point it to the file. I’ll see if I can post a better guide with pictures later today/this week.

  3. Shobai says:

    sorry, didn’t make that clear…extracting the .cab is not something I do, but something that the kp500 tool does; it halts at that stage.

    but yeh, a more detailed guide would be appreciated =)

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      Added some pictures.
      Do you ever get the Window that is displayed in the 2nd picture?

      • Shobai says:

        Yeh mate, sure do =) that’s the one which tells me it failed to extract the .cab. I found that it would reboot my phone as long as it wasn’t showing the lock screen, but that jumping into emergency download mode after it started polling the phone for it’s status made the process quicker.

        I’ll give it another go tonight once I get off work, and let you know how i get on.

        Thanks heaps for the help, in any case!

      • pizzaboy192 says:

        What size is the .cab file? The one I have (For the V5 ROM is 136,813,111 bytes (for size, not size on disk))
        If it doesn’t match size wise, you might have a corrupt one.

  4. Shobai says:

    exactly that size

  5. pizzaboy192 says:

    Not sure what to tell you then. post a screenshot of the error when if/when you get it when you try again.

    • Shobai says:

      wouldn’t you know it, it seems to be working!

      i can think of a few things i may be able to tie it to;

      i had the phone connected to the PC all through the process, and the LG update tool was connected [interestingly, it will always glitch up for me when the phone is in normal USB mode (constantly opening the box to choose the driver model to use) but it connects beautifully whenever i have it in the VZAccess mode – just have to remember each time]

      [success!! thanks a heap =)]

      also, i’m now second guessing myself – did i always type the ‘.cab’ for the 2nd argument? i think i did, but perhaps i didn’t…it does seem to fit with the program not being able to extract the file, since there was no extensionless file of that name in the folder…

      thanks again for your patience!

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  7. vishal says:

    dude, can you tell me what benefits did you get after porting?

    i still find v7 faster, gud customization, gud gsm net speed…….

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      I like V5 because of less RAM leaks, Less RAM usage. No Android style homescreen, Working call mute, Data connection doesn’t drop randomly (both GSM and CDMA have this issue in V7), Easier ability to modify system files (Less are customized by LG than on V7)
      There’s some other small reasons that I like too, like how the SMS database doesn’t go corrupt as easy with the threaded email patch. All sorts of better things are in V5.
      LG released V7 as a way to kill the phone and to stop supporting it.

  8. Your V5 flashkit links are broken, when will they be up again?

  9. jidesh says:

    the downgrade stopped at 94% and phone now boots only in to emergency mode. please help

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      did you do the downgrade using LG NPST or the commandline tool?
      the commandline should support emergency mode and allow a reflash. you may lose your radio information though.

      if you flashed with LG NPST then make a backup of your NVS file before doing an emergency restore.

      • jidesh says:

        I was trying to use commandline tool and followed steps as in this post. while installing the v5 rom at 94% it is generating an error. i tried to reflash it but still the same. now phone boots only in emergency mode. i connected phone to pc and checked its status using lg support tool it says phone is in latest version(v7).

        i downloaded commandline tool and rom from ur link. http://pizzaboy192.com/downloads/fathomROM/VS750.rar

        the file size is only 32MB rar file both size and size on disk.

      • pizzaboy192 says:

        it appears your download was corrupt. The VS750.rar file is 133Mb. try re downloading the file and flashing again.

  10. jidesh says:

    sorry, file size on disk rar file is 132 MB (13,92,68,096 bytes)
    and size is 132 MB (13,92,65,149 bytes). is this the right file?

    what is this radio information?

    error is

    23:36:12 : wParam : 7, lParam = 85
    23:36:14 : wParam : 7, lParam = 86
    23:36:17 : wParam : 7, lParam = 87
    23:36:19 : wParam : 7, lParam = 88
    23:36:21 : wParam : 7, lParam = 89
    23:36:24 : wParam : 7, lParam = 90
    23:36:26 : wParam : 7, lParam = 91
    23:36:29 : wParam : 7, lParam = 92
    23:36:31 : wParam : 7, lParam = 93
    23:36:33 : wParam : 7, lParam = 94
    23:36:36 : wParam : 7, lParam = 95
    23:36:38 : wParam : 7, lParam = 96
    23:36:41 : wParam : 7, lParam = 97
    23:36:43 : wParam : 7, lParam = 98
    23:36:45 : wParam : 7, lParam = 99
    23:36:48 : wParam : 7, lParam = 100
    23:40:48 : wParam : 100, lParam = 86
    23:40:48 : MODEL DLL Event : (100, 86)
    23:40:48 : CleanModelDll() : Free Model.dll
    23:40:48 : _DetachDLL Call
    23:40:48 : _DetachDLL Call End
    23:40:48 : FreeLibrary Call
    23:40:50 : FreeLibrary Call End
    23:40:52 : Page_Error ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù
    23:40:52 : ¿©±â´Â Retry ºÎºÐÀÔ´Ï´Ù

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      it seems like your flash may have become corrupted. i would suggest posting this error on the LG Fathom section of PPCGeeks to see if someone there can assist you.

  11. jidesh says:

    the vs750.rar file is 132MB and the extracted folder shows 133MB

    i tried redownloading but it the same size file appears.

  12. jidesh says:

    “resetting the phone while holding the “5″ key” can u pease explain how to do this. can this be done in emergency mode?

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      hold the 5 button on the keyboard, and press the reset button with the stylus. it should put it in download mode no matter what mode it was in earlier

      • jidesh says:

        thats the problem my phone boots only in that mode. it shows ” downloading do not unplug” its called emergency mode rt. help me boot my phone to windows please…

      • pizzaboy192 says:

        do you have the phone drivers inatalled?

  13. jidesh says:

    yes i downloaded and installed driver from lg website.

  14. jidesh says:

    yes, i have tried reinstalling it also still no use.
    now i tryed to flash using LGNPST software and the phone no donot turn on
    what i did is
    connected phone to pc
    opened LGNPST it was not detecting my phone, i registered vs750.dll
    now under ports 2 was listed one was com 23 and other was some com53
    in com23 under provision there was upgrade selected in default so i could not do any change
    now i selected com53
    in it under provision EMERGENCY was selected so i selected VS750.dll and bin file VS750ZV7_04.bin file and selected start
    now the problem occured ie. some disconnecting sound came and error message came “cause: DOWNLOAD INTIALIZE FAIL” someting like that

    now my phone dowsnot turn on
    and an another set of instructions also flashed on screen
    what should i do???????????

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      it sounds as if your battery has died. it can not charge in emergency mode.
      if you can recharge the battery, you should be able to flash successfully.

  15. jidesh says:

    the battery is working fine. actually i didn’t insert the battery while doing the flash process. now when i insert the battery and turn on it didn’t work. i tried a charger also its not working.

    is my phone dead

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      flashing without the battery is what may have damaged the phone. I am not sure what to tell you. It should be fixable, but I have not run into this problem before.

      • jidesh says:

        As said earlier after the flashing process and the phone turned off an error message was displayed with 4 points
        1 to disconnect phone from PC
        2 it said something about the battery that i dont remember
        3 reconnect the phone to pc
        4 run the flashing process again

  16. jidesh says:

    is there any way to check my phone is working?

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      if it stopped flashing mid flash, then you’ll need to recover it. If it doesn’t go into emergency mode when the battery is in, you may have a dead battery. If you can get it to charge, you should be able to recover it. I haven’t had to try, so I don’t know specifics at this point.

      • jidesh says:

        As said earlier after the flashing process and the phone turned off an error message was displayed with 4 points
        1 to disconnect phone from PC
        2 it said something about the battery that i dont remember
        3 reconnect the phone to pc
        4 run the flashing process again

      • pizzaboy192 says:

        I have not experienced this error before, so I am unsure what to suggest. If the phone is having issues, the only suggestion that I have is to reflash it. Either use LGNPST, or the other tools. I have no idea how to recover the entire phone from this though, as I have never experienced it.

  17. Kewyn roger says:

    I tried updating my lg vs750 fanthom i got struck in 94% 3 times now i am not able to switch on my phone kindly help me ASAP. even not able to charge.

    I used LG MOBILE SUPPORT TOOL to upgrade

    Kindly help me ASAP

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      It sounds like your phone’s NAND is bad.

      • Kewyn Roger says:

        Any guidance to recover please ?

      • pizzaboy192 says:

        I would suggest re-downloading the file to make sure it isn’t corrupt and try flashing it again. (It should go into emergency mode. Make sure you’ve backed up your .nvs files beforehand so that you don’t have a phone with no modem programming). If this ROM doesn’t work, you can try one of the other ROMs that should be available for download to see if that one will flash properly.

  18. the4ceb4d_02 says:

    Guys i hav lg vs750 bricked very badly that it doesnt even hav its imei n emid number.. it was updated to v7 rom..
    now when i try to update it using dat kp500 file it always get stucked at 94% :(
    the phone doesnt even start :'( n doesnt even ge charged when it is plugged :(
    what should i do?

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