LG Fathom Custom ROM Possibility

It seems like since Amazon put the Fathom up for $100 unlocked, There’s been an explosion of people using this device.

Because of this, there’s been some more chatter on both XDA and PPCGeeks about using the phone, and we might be on our way to a custom ROM soon.

We’ve got word from some trusted devs that it’s possible, but we’re just waiting on some help to get us going.

Any suggestions as to what we should have in a custom ROM?

Remember, the Fathom has 256MB of RAM. Don’t go nuts.


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4 Responses to LG Fathom Custom ROM Possibility

  1. Shyam Prasad says:

    i just got the lg fathom a couple of days back.. its an awesome phone.. @ dirt cheap price, for that piece of hardware… :D ive been searching xda developers forum for custom roms but it seems theres not much talk about it..

    hopefully they all get into it soon.. cant wait for the roms…

    Im VERY ANNOYED with ARCSOFT sms/mms, It seems u wer able to remove it.. Can u suggest the steps to remove it..
    (im a noob to this kind of stuffs, i know instal/uninstal thts it ) :D


    • pizzaboy192 says:

      check on this blog for ‘arcsoft be gone’. that’s v3 of the remover. works well.

  2. DAGMAN5 says:

    This must include htc sensor sdk and manila touchflo 3d…

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      I’ve been working on getting some Manilla ROMs built, but all the ones that I throw together so far are broken in one way or another, either in certain tiles, or in the settings page, or both.
      As for the Sensor SDK, I have no applications that use the HTC Sensor SDK to test if it works, so if you can provide me with some, then I might be able to test that.

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