FathomROM Test 1y

Here’s my experience so far: Built 2 ROMS. One is based on V7, but with some VZW crap cut out, and the registry changed to good-ol Titanium files instead of the LG VeriHomeScreen ones.
Second ROM is a hybrid, currently built but not tested, It has MyPhone removed (Won’t work anyways), some VZW crap pulled, some registry tweaks, and it is a V5 OEM with a V7 SYS. Not sure if it actually worked, but Here’s hoping it does.
I’ll try to get the netbook into a flashstation this weekend and try a flash. I won’t release anything until I get something working properly and can verify that I’ve pulled out Arcsoft completely. I’ll keep the patches for those who don’t feel the need to install a custom ROM.
Wish me lucks.


About Author
Someone who feels the need to help others using the information that I have discovered. If someone else finds it useful, I'm more than happy to have helped.

2 Responses to FathomROM Test 1y

  1. Shyam Prasad says:

    Eaferly awaiting for a kick ass stable LG FATHOM ROM.. :)

  2. vijayamani says:


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