No Phone… 12 hours in

Last night in my attempt to iron our some kinks in my ROM that I’m cooking, I ended up overwriting my NV partition on the phone AND the backup. I hadn’t made a second backup and so it was lost.
This is where I would normally be announcing that I took the phone to the store and then got it replaced with some other model and that I’m now out of the game… but I’m not. I have up to a week wait for my warranty replacement phone to show up.
So… Here’s my reaction to being without a phone, It’s been 12 hours since it died. I didn’t really mind until about 11PM when I started contemplating sleep. SMS is a really nice way of communicating with other people in my life, and all of a sudden it was gone. That isn’t that big of a problem though. As soon as I realized that the phone was dead, I got on Gmail and was SMSing through that (Yay Google Labs).
For sleep, I decided to use my old trick for back when I didn’t have a full SMS plan: AIM. The person I text the most was already listed as a contact on my AIM list, so it was a simple add of my AIM account on my tablet, and then I was able to text away.
Here’s where it gets fun though. This whole time I’ve been home from school. In about 5 hours I will be leaving to drive back to school… without any way to communicate with other people the entire drive. This includes if I have a problem with the car, or if my bike carrier falls off. I’m completely communicationless until I get within WiFi.
So.. Here’s hoping that I get my replacement quickly and that I don’t have anything bad happen to my car today as I drive. Wish me luck. I’m not looking forward to this week.


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2 Responses to No Phone… 12 hours in

  1. Traxxion says:

    Commiserations on your loss….

    How was the ROM coming along? Was the program memory footprint reduced any? Its the main barrier I have hit on the Fathom, that there just isn’t enough free program memory for proper ‘multi’-tasking. Thanks for looking at this.

  2. pizzaboy192 says:

    On ppcgeeks, we’ve got a simple Rom in the works. All the Verizon crap baked out. LG stuff baked out. Fixes baked in.

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