Monday Update #5

So, here’s where I update you on all the little things I”ve blogged about.

1: There’s 2 threads about the LG Fathom Rom kitchens. One is on PPCGeeks in the LG Fathom section, the other is on XDA (Which I’ve already linked to)

2: I bricked my phone. New one should be here soon. I hope. It’s being replaced under warranty, and I know what I did wrong, so there’s no need to panic yet.

3: That Nintendo DS repair service thinger… I sent it out, and it came back. Turns out that I had used the wrong screws when putting it back together and one caused it to short out. Guy replaced the screws and the fuse. $20 for a working DS Lite (Total cost of the project was about $40)

4: I have an R4 card on the way. Will be fun to try and get it working the way I want it.

5: I’ve had my HP Touchpad for a few months now, and I’ve not been disappointed once. I would recommend Kindle Import from Preware if you want to use your own Kindle library on your PC instead of having to buy books.

6: I have 5 more days left in a classroom attempting to teach Freshmen in High School how to use Microsoft Office. My viewpoint has gone from the classic high school approach of “Stupid Freshmen” to “Ignorant freshmen who have no idea what the real world is like yet and need so much help getting them to understand the fact that there is more to life than their iPod and the cookie that was stolen from them that morning at lunch”

7: My roommates here are insane. It’s not bad though, just make sure to knock before entering.

8: Microsoft killed the Zune HD, but specifically said that it was the Zune HD hardware that wasn’t being made. That leaves it open for a new Zune to pop up with some WPMango goodness hiding inside.

9: I got a free copy of minecraft. You can find me on… just don’t steal my castle again. it was annoying last time.

and finally:

10: Thank you to all who have donated to me so far. It’s a really big motivational thinger when I know people actually appreciate what I do. I’m glad someone likes what I do these days. I’m still working on this whole Palm Outlook X64 fiasco, but I don’t think I’ll get very far. Sorry.

That’s it for this monday. I can’t promise much this week, because of tons of homework, but I will try to post important things as they happen. Keep your eyes out for a Fathom ROM based on bits of V5 and V7 along with the latest of that line of builds from MS to crop up on PPCGeeks and XDA soon. I’m still cooking, but I can’t test until I get my new phone.



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2 Responses to Monday Update #5

  1. Alright, so I’m almost completely computer illiterate, and I just got the LG Fathom, but am seriously disliking the lack of threaded text messaging. So can you walk me through how to set it up on my phone so that I’ve got threaded instead of this clusterfuck? :]

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      Do you dislike the entire texting setup or just the lack of threaded messages?
      Either way, the best way to do it is to change your messaging app.
      1: download ArkSwitch (you’ll find it )
      2: install ArkSwitch on the phone. (I assume you know how to transfer a .cab file to your phone and install it. It’s as simple as drag and drop, followed by opening it on your phone.)
      3: Open Arkswitch (It’ll be in your start menu under “Tools”)
      4: swipe your finger to the side of the screen, either way, until you see “transport.exe” tap on it and push the “kill” button at the bottom. Press Yes when it says that killing processes can be dangerous.
      5: Get the Arcsoft-Be-Gone that’s on my blog\site. Install that.
      6: restart phone when it asks you to
      9: Profit.

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