Use Live Mesh with your HP Touchpad (kinda)

Here’s one of those fun mini-hacks.

If you’re like me, you picked up an HP Touchpad during the fire sale and then sat back and said “now what?”

One of the first things that I decided to do with it was grab the document editor update. Then I wanted to be able to read and edit my documents for my classes on the Tablet. The problem with that is: I use Live Mesh by Microsoft to keep my systems synchronized. That alone isn’t an issue. The issue lies in the fact that there is no Live Mesh client for the Touchpad. If Microsoft were to release one, it would be awesome. But I doubt that will happen.

We do, however, have the Dropbox client. Since we’re going to be using Mesh and Dropbox for documents, the 2GB cap will not be too bad for Dropbox. It’s less than the 5GB cap on Live Mesh, but it’s workable.

Here’s how I did it (and how you can do it):

1: get yourself a Dropbox account.

2: Install the Dropbox client on your computer.*

3: Move your folder that Mesh syncs with your other computers INSIDE the Dropbox folder (Dropbox won’t let you select a folder for your main one, but it will let you move a Mesh folder in it.) This allows your documents to be synced with both Dropbox and Mesh together.

4: Install the Dropbox client on your Touchpad. Sign in and see your documents! Enjoy

*: I have the Dropbox client installed on my home server. It already syncs with Mesh and keeps a working backup of everything that I have. (This also allows me to access my Mesh documents from anywhere, as I have remote desktop enabled as well on the server so I can edit documents remotely even if Mesh itself is down) The downside to doing it this way is that if I ever decide to use Dropbox for anything, I’ll have to stop doing this as Dropbox will sync my documents twice to my desktop, and I don’t like that idea. I also like the idea of using my server to store my documents and work as the bridge between Dropbox and Mesh, because it is always on. I use Mesh on the server to sync larger files that I don’t want to sync to my Online storage (items like .iso files)

That’s how I’ve got Mesh on my tablet. Saving items to Mesh on my computers will update it in Dropbox within a minute, and saving on my tablet in Dropbox shows up on my desktop in about the same amount of time.

I hope that helps.



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