I need a name for my ROM. (I’m thinking V6)

Everyone has a name for their ROM that they release. I was thinking PizzaROM but it sounds dumb. I need something catchy.

FrankenROM sounds almost cool, but I need something better.

I feel that I might go with V6 as the form of ROM that i’d release for the Fathom. Take the best that LG could offer with V5, add a few V7 goodies, and fix all the stuff they never did. It’d fit.

Let me know what you think.

V6ROM… yeah…



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5 Responses to I need a name for my ROM. (I’m thinking V6)

  1. Traxxion says:

    V6 is good because it has meaning outside phones. How about play on the phone name like “Fathomed”, “FatROM” or “FathROM”?

  2. pizzaboy192 says:

    I was thinking V6 with the catchphrase “power and efficiency” 

  3. ARUN LEMBOY says:

    hi,i am having vs750 v7,now planning to downgrade,but i love the lg theme in V7 like the spb shell,,i have both decrypted rom of V5 and V7 and have the kitchen,please let me know how to get that theme from v7 and port to v5 and cook.i am fresher in this area,if u give u the process as step by step ,it will be very much helpfull..

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      Check http://pizzaboy192.com/downloads/index.html
      and look at the “LG Homescreen” link.
      It’s the LG V7 homescreen, pulled direct from V7.
      Let me know if you have any issues with it.

      • ARUN LEMBOY says:

        thnx a lot bro.:-) do you have any tutorial,that shows how to make custom rom?…i need to study from the basics..:-)
        as mentioned,i have decryptd roms of both v5 and v7,and ervius kitchen
        thanks in advance.

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