Arcsoft-Be-Gone V3.4: major bugfix for Verizon

This should finally fix all my bugs I was having. Turns out that my “universal” version of the MMS program wasn’t really universal… and was reverting to GSM.
I’ve replaced it with a Verizon one, and set it up to work with your Fathom OTB.
Same install rules still apply. See my Arcsoft Be Gone post a few posts back to see how to install it.
It’s on my Downloads page.


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13 Responses to Arcsoft-Be-Gone V3.4: major bugfix for Verizon

  1. vijayamani says:

    Thank for your efforts to make LG Fathom very much useful.

    I have one question.
    Does LG Fathom has FM Radio..?

    If you search for hidden exe files in the phone, in windows folder
    there is a file
    which opens FM Radio. I am attaching image at

    Is it possible to make it work?

  2. pizzaboy192 says:

    I have noticed it too. As the name of the program implies, it is for a Bluetooth fm radio.However, the radio chip in the phone does support fm is just a matter of getting a working driver for it.

  3. Josh says:

    Thanks for all your work with the Fathom Pizzaboy. I just bought one and your blog and posts on xda and ppc have been very helpful. Anyway, I’m trying to install your Arksoft remover cab and I keep getting “installation unsuccessful…because it does no have sufficient system permissions.” I’m running ROM V5. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      First, make sure that you’re using the latest version. I made some mistakes recently, and the one that is available on my site is the newest (updated it yesterday).
      Second, Make sure you have some sort of advanced task manager. You need to look at the running processes (not programs) and find Transport.exe. Once you located it, you need to terminate the process
      (I recommend ArkSwitch, I’ve mentioned it here a few times on the blog)
      After you’ve killed Transport.exe, you can successfully install my remover.
      Hope that helps.

  4. Josh says:

    Thanks for the quick reply…I’ve installed Arkswitch but can’t figure out how to get it to show show running process…I only see programs. Thanks in advance.

  5. Josh says:

    Ok, I finally ended up using memmaid to terminate transport.exe and was able to successfully install your cab. I then used phm regedit to get into the registry and I browsed to HKLM\Software\Arcsoft\Arcsoft MMS UA\Config\MM1\WSPHeader but could not find the key “X-VzW-MDN” in my phone (same with WSPHeader2 ). I’m on verizon in the US. I installed the latest cab from your download page so I think that.s the most current one…any ideas?

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      If the key isn’t there, just create one in that location, and Wspheader2 as well.
      Make sure that it is your 10 digit phone number without dashes.
      Once you’ve got the key in place, just restart the phone and you should have MMS.

  6. Josh says:

    Ok Pizzaboy, thanks to you I’ve been able to install the cab and edit the registry, and now arcsoft is gone…but now my texts are no longer threaded. Hmmm, is there a setting to enable threading in the native winmo text app? If there is I can’t seem to find it.

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      I’m surprised that it was not enabled beforehand.
      There’s 2 ways to do this:
      1: use Advanced Configuration Tool (it’s all over the internet) to turn it on. That’s what I used to set it and a bunch of other settings.
      2: check HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings\OEM\SMSInboxThreadingDIsabled is set to 0 (that enables threading)

      There is a small bug (i’ve got a .cab that I never released that fixes this bug, but makes the phone unstable) that happens when you get a single text. What usually happens is you get the text, and you push the softkey to reply, and it loads up just the message, not the thread. You’ll still have threaded messages in your inbox, just not when viewing your messages. If you’re interested in this patch, I’ll see if I can dig it out for you. It’s a little risky, but also adds threaded Email to all accounts, not just an exchange account.

  7. Josh says:

    Genius Pizzaboy, pure genius! Texts are now threaded. For the record, I used option 2. Thank you! But……..MMS is not working. In the native sms/mms app, under the selection “mms options”>”CDMA Servers” tab, Verizon Wireless is set as default (Verizon Wireless appears three times there tho and duplicates will not delete) with the following settings:

    Server name: verizon wireless
    port number: 80
    server address:
    connect via: verizon
    send limit: 5000k

    Does that seem about right?

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      I had the same issue with mine. I haven’t really figured out what I did to fix it, but I know I fixed it.
      I would suggest setting the third one as default, resetting the phone, and then trying to send a new blank MMS to yourself and see if it goes through. It should hopefully work. I know there’s some issue with leftovers from the old Arcsoft MMS config, but I haven’t gotten it all sorted out yet.

      One thing that will help me out: When you try to send one, does it ever show the notification that it is sending? (the little envelope with an arrow point up at an angle?) And\or also showing a notification bubble and telling you how many percent it’s gone? If it doesn’t do that, then it’s having issues with Transport.exe I’ll have to look into it more if it’s not even showing a notification.

  8. Josh says:

    Pizzaboy…works now…I had wifi turned on so mms wasn’t sending out over 3G. Turned wifi off and worked like a charm. Sorry about that confusion. All the notification icons are showing along with percentages of message sent. I can’t even begin to imagine all the time it has taken you to figure all this out, but thank you so much. You’re an amazing asset to the small, but hopefully growing Fathom community.

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      I’m glad that I can help out. I was annoyed with how PowerMobia worked on my phone (I started with a cheap dumbphone with more features than PowerMobia) and I had stumbled upon the PPCGeeks thread on the tweaks.
      I’ve done work before on my mom’s HTC TouchPro2, and I’ve got a Q9c, a Treo Pro (for sprint), my own TouchPro 2, and a Q9h that I’ve tinkered around on before getting the Fathom. I knew about MMS programs on the side (With using the unlocked Q9h for my GF on T-Mobile, and settings settings and whatnot) so I knew it was possible.
      I threw together the first version (the one that’s on the “some tweaks for LG Fathom” thread) over a weekend last year, and it’s just been a side project since then. Any time that I do a hard reset I’ll notice some new problem and end up fixing it again. V3 was the biggest change where I started out on a clean codebase with some proper tools (everything before then was cobbled together)

      Basically, if it’s annoying me, I’ll make a patch for it. That’s why I’ve got a Palm Hotsync fix on my site as well. While I was on dumbphones, I was using Palm devices for my email and tasks and stuff. It’s honestly one of the most donated-for items on my site. Everyone seems to like it (the support thread for it on Palm’s site is over 17 pages long now)

      It’s just a small side project. I’ll be rolling the whole package together in my V6 ROM when I get it cooked and running properly. Until then, I’ll keep making it more user friendly.

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