For Sale: HP Alphaserver DS20 $200

I’m selling my HP Alphaserver DS20. It’s a complete set, and it still runs.

It has:

1 (one) 500MHZ Alpha processor

512MB of RAM

6 (six) 9.6GB HDDs all operational

Two 750Watt Powersupplies (I think they’re 750 Watt)

A Tape Drive

The Factory installation of the OS… whatever that would happen to be

and a giant scratch on the side.

It boots, it runs, and it must go.

If you’re serious about getting it, please note that it’s big and heavy. I’d prefer someone local. I live in central Iowa, so anyone in IA would be a welcome future owner. I will also find an excuse to deliver to Nebraska or Minnesota, as I have reasons to go there anyways. If delivering out of state, the meeting time had better be set in stone, as I would be going a few hours out of my way.

I’m looking for atleast $200 for it. You could then part it out and sell it, or use it as a dev station, or tell people you have an obsolete space heater of a server for your UNIX collection. I don’t care. It just needs to go.

If I end up shipping it, that will be EXTRA and you will be suggesting the way to take it. USPS and UPS and FEDEX are not willing to take it due to it’s size.

I will post pictures later. My phone has them, and it’s battery is dead.

It’s a great system, but I just don’t use it. (and I”m saving for a HP TX2 convertible tablet PC)



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