Weekly Update 6: ASM, Birthdays and Pi

Yup, it’s update six already

This week’s topics: Intel X86 Assembler, A birthday, and Pi amongst other fun stuff.

1: Happeh Burfdai to my GF: @Lavenderhawk on twitter.

2: I’m still slogging through Intel X86 Assembler here on campus. It’s not the world’s most fun programming language, but it’s a good one to learn. I just wrote a random number generator. It works too!

3: I’m in desperate need of financial income. I found out that my work won’t be needing me over Christmas break, and I was banking on that extra cash to help with touition and an epic birthday present for my younger sibling. I can’t mention it yet as he sometimes reads my blog, but if you ask nicely, I might just have to share.

4: My email was “hacked” today. Guess it was finally time to change my password on Hotmail (I hadn’t changed it since I set it up over 6 years ago.)

5: discovered my bike was hacked as well. Bent the back wheel and frame to kingdom come. Can’t use it anymore. Hopefully a security camera got what happened

6: Pi. Raspberry flavored. I’m getting one. And I’m shoehorning it into an iPod 5th Gen classic case when I get it. It’ll fit. Yay.

7: I’m selling my netbook, Laptop, and various computer stuff. If there’s something you’re looking for, ask me and I probably ahve it.

8: The Alphaserver needs to go. SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE IT!


that’s all for now



PS: The Fathom V6 ROM is slow moving. Hopefully I have something real soon.


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