I’m selling my inventory.

Everything I own is on sale.


1 Apple G3 iBook 500mhz. Stock.
1 Apple G3 iBook 500mhz for parts.
2 Compaq Armada M700 laptops. 650 and 700mhz. May or may not have all the stuff needed, but do boot.
1 Gateway 15″ P4 1.5ghz. WOrks. Has power cord. May or may not have HDD caddy.
1 Gateway 15″ P4 1.5ghz, no display.
1 Dell Insprion 1000, Good battery, good everything. May still have recovery disks. Has power brick. Runs great.
1 Dell Insprion 8200. Boots. Runs well. Needs power brick. 2 batteries, floppy, zip, wifi, everything.
1 Dell Insprion something or other. All in pieces. Boots. Was used in my AtariPC system on Instructables. Includes modded Atari case.
1 pile of leftover laptop parts. Includes many different HP and Compaq and Dell ones. There’s a few armada 1700, some Compaq Evo stuff, Dell other things.

Mac Classic
Mac Performa 538CD With TV Tuner
Mac Displays (2)
Apple IIe
HP Alphaserver DS20
random IBM, HP, Dell, Custom systems. All can go as a lot or as pick-thru.
Apple eMac 1.7Ghz

Everything above is a “make offer” item

My good stuff:
HP Mini 110-1125NR. 1.6ghz Atom N270. 2GB Ram. 160GB HDD. 6 cell battery. Good condition. 3ish hours still on battery. All parts. Matte screen

Dell Inspiron 1501. 1.8ghz Athlon X2. 4gb Ram. 160gb HDD. 15.4″ display (matte). New Processor, New HDD, New RAM. New Keyboard. 9 Cell Battery (new).

Let me know what you’re interested in. The two good ones are $100 and $150 respectively


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Someone who feels the need to help others using the information that I have discovered. If someone else finds it useful, I'm more than happy to have helped.

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