Winter Break update 0.1

So here’s my long awaited update. Sorry for the dealy

1: Got myself a shiny new laptop. HP DM1-2011nr. If you google that it gives you the specs. Except I’ve bumped the RAM to 5GB

2: The FathomROM page now has some ROMs. Supposedly the Manilla ROM I posted is bad (settings are broken) so I need to fix that. Other ROM works fine. Flashing tools and everything should be available there.

3: I’ve been reading tons of books. Finished the “Sprawl” series (Neuromancer, Count Zero, Mona Lisa Overdrive), the current Richards and Klien series (Reality 36 and Nemesis Worm) and just finished another book by the same publisher: Moxyland. They’re all pretty dang good. Also read a few Phillip K. Dick books too. If you’re looking for some good sci-fy or Cyberpunk style books, I’d suggest them.

As I’ve said before though, they aren’t disney books. They’re books. They don’t have the ‘right’ ending… they just end.

4: I’m still taking donations to get me a used Fathom off eBay. All donations tagged with ‘fathom’ will go towards getting me one. (donate link is on the side of the page, and on my download’s page)

5: Thanks to all who have already donated to me. Money isn’t easy to get when you’re a full time student, and it’s even harder to find when your job doesn’t want you over winter break.

and finally:

6: if there’s any issues you have with my ROMs, let me know and i’ll try to get them figured out. I don’t like to reflash as it’s difficult for me to restore my phone’s settings and It’s my actual daily use phone, but other than that, i’ll be more than glad to help.



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