Ten things I learned this year.

1: 10 inches is too small. 15 inches is too big. So I compromised and got myself 11.6 inches instead. Got rid of my netbook and gave away my laptop. now I am living a ULV life. HP DM1-2011NR. Runs great and got an aftermarket 9 cell battery. hello good battery life and amazing performance. I got scoffed at because of it’s wimpy specs, but those haven’t reared their ugly head yet. I doubt they ever will.

2: 10 inches may be too small for every day use, but it’s perfect for a tablet. I’ve used 7 inch tablets and i haven’t ever really liked them. My HP Touchpad works quite well for what I use it for. Alarm clock, instant email reader, instant internet fact checking and other small tasks. it will never replace a full computer and I keep both in my backpack at all times.

3: Paypal is dumb… but there’s not much else I can rely on to handle money. that is all. I use it to handle money, There’s been plenty of generous supporters who have helped me out over the past year since I set up the donate button, and although it takes a few days to transfer money, it works.

4: the ZuneHD is the awesome entertainment device that died too young. Microsoft made a great piece of entertainment with this small device and I hope they use the design of it as inspiration for some WP7 handsets in the future. the Lumia looks like a good contender, and I hope Verizon releases one with 3G ONLY (I want my unlimited data plan, thanks)

5: Jewlery is freaking expensive… but cheaper than some things. Ask my girlfriend… I’m cheap.

6: Twitter is fun, as long as you remember that a SMS message is 160 chars… and twitter takes only 140.

7: WalMart won’t accept “Dealership Option” as a reason to sell me tires that are a different size than the ones listed in the door. So now I have four brand-spanking-new tires on my car instead of two. W00t? (My bank account doesn’t think it’s as good as WalMart says it is)

8: The R4 card is a brilliant piece of Chinese cloning. $2 for unlimited games?… I mean… for a quality backup of all your games which allows you to play them all without having to carry around a giant case of games that you actually own. Yeah. $7 to get one shipped to your door with a 2GB SD card. Amazing!

9: Netflix wastes plenty of time. Load it on the HTPC and you have my whole winter break summed up in a single line.

10: My girlfriend is amazing. and she has twitter! Amazing! and she has most of the tech that I normally rant about here. Including an LG Fathom, a HP Touchpad, a laptop, a desktop, FreeMcBoot’d PS2, and a Nintendo DS (lite) (with R4)

That’s my list of 10 things that I learned. how will 2012 shape up? I dunno. It just will. I’ll have fun, finish a year of school, start another, and hopefully work.


(on a side note, still fielding funds for a dev Fathom. please help if you can. All donations for the next 2 months go towards a dev unit. Thanks)


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One Response to Ten things I learned this year.

  1. Haha, it took you this long to learn number 10?

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