Thank you donors; Time for stage 2: Raspberry Pi

As I stated earlier on here, all donations that were coming in were supposed to go towards getting me a development Fathom to do all my dirtywork on and develop ROMs on. That goal is now one that has been realized, and I should have my DevFathom in my hands within the next day or so. Because of this, we move on to Donations Stage 2: Raspberry Pi.

For those unfamiliar with that phrase, it’s simple: a $35 ARM computer that is powered by USB and spews out video via HDMI or Composite, has a 700mhz ARM processor, 256MB of RAM, an SD card, 2 USB ports, and a Ethernet port. It boots linux (not Android) and is designed for education.

All donations between now and March will be devoted completely to buying a Raspberry Pi when it is released and to getting accessories for it (A powered hub and other fun toys). The eventual plan is to build a “piggyback” box that attaches to the VESA mount on my TV and links into it as much as possible. (I might go as far as hijacking the Power signal on the TV to turn on the Pi and pull power from the TV, but I doubt I’ll be that adventurous to start. I’ll just pull power from a powered hub instead.)

Because I purchased a Fathom as soon as I could afford one, there is currently very little in my PayPal account to purchase a Pi. I doubt that will change much between now and when the Pi’s are available. I will be paying for the Pi out of pocket and will probably just dump the donations into my bank account until I’ve offset the balance. it just seems to make more sense that way. Plus I’ll be getting it as quick as I can and can start playing with it.

What surprises me the most is the fact that nearly everyone who has donated, usually does for the Palm patch. This is one of the reasons that I’ll be posting a Youtube tutorial series, as I feel that they are part of my biggest audience that seems the most silent. it was easy to patch, and easy to maintain, but they’re the most appreciative seeing as there were more palm devices released than Fathoms sold.

All that said, have a happy new year all, and keep those donations rolling in.


(PS: as a future CS educator, this will be one of my greatest teaching tools)


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