Video Tutorials Coming Soon

I’ll be hopefully posting plenty of video tutorials soon that show you how to do all the fun things that I have posted on my site. This will cover all walks of the patches and fixes. The basic list will be:

1: Installing and running the Palm Outlook 2010 Hotsync patch.

2: Removing Arcsoft PowerMobia from your LG Fathom.

3: upgrading or downgrading your LG Fathom to official ROMs (Includes how to install the software)

4: Building and flashing unofficial ROM’s to your LG Fathom (includes how to install the software for this)

5: Unlocking your Verizon LG fathom to work on any GSM network (I’ll be doing it by calling Verizon’s international customer support, but it should work for you too.)

there will also be other fun things that I will post. Possibly a video review of the HP Touchpad and some of my other fun portable devices. There may also be other fun videos sneaking their way onto my Youtube page, but you’ll just have to watch for them.

Anything LG Fathom or Palm related will be released here and on my site, other stuff is just that, other stuff.


on a side note, Office and Outlook 2012 will be coming out this year. I’ve got some conduit patches that I’ve tested with 2012 and they seem to work, but there’s no need to patch and release yet… but I may decide to change that =)




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Someone who feels the need to help others using the information that I have discovered. If someone else finds it useful, I'm more than happy to have helped.

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