The pains of a third party battery.

Got myself a HP Dm1-2011 before Christmas 2011 as a present for myself. That and the price was amazingly low. I had an extended battery in my old HP Mini 110, and enjoyed the 3ish hours of life that it gave me. My DM1 draws the same amount of power, and ships with the same size battery, but whereas the Mini’s extended battery was a 6 cell, the DM1’s standard is a 6 cell. So I ordered a 9 cell battery off “The bay of E” and got it about a week later. It was defective.
So I sent it back.
And the replacement was defective.
So I got refunded.
And then I did research. Found that the DM1-1xxx and 2xxx series share a battery with the Mini 311 series. Did some research on the 311 forums, and then found a seller who sells proper working batteries. Just placed the order. Hope to have one in in twoish weeks. I hope.
Besides that, should have a new case for my DS in soon, as the old one had a mishap with a dremel.
Oh… and I’ll be getting a Pi soon too =D


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