The Zune Tag fiasco

Here’s my daily rant\dilemma.
Get a nice donation of 800 Microsoft Points today. (Yay!)
Decide that it’s finally time to rectify my stupid Gamer Tag\Zune Tag and change it from a stupid mistake from grade school.
Go to Microsoft’s site, and find out that I need to use all 800 points to change my tag. No biggie here. I didn’t pay for them, and I don’t really need them.
Hit the “Change Zune Tag” button in the Zune player, and it locks out the option to change it.
Notice that my account is still a “Child” account. Decide to upgrade it. Done. Easy. Now have a full account.
Go to change it… still nothing.
No biggie… Go to Microsoft’s Xbox Live site… and all it tells me is that I need an Xbox to change my Gamer Tag… Great. My Xbox is sitting in a box, in pieces, at home… 300 miles away.
Contact Microsoft’s chat line. Start Binging all over the place to find myself some sort of answers to ways to change it without an Xbox.
Find Games for Windows Live, download Tinker, wait for install.
Get to finally talk to chat Rep. Kind people here. Really helpful, Really quick service, but unable to help with my problem. Even unable to see a KB article I found on how to use Games for Windows Live to change it.
Follow the KB

Problem solved. I’m now pizzaboy192 on Games for Windows Live again, along with it on Xbox Live, and Zune. Find me!



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Someone who feels the need to help others using the information that I have discovered. If someone else finds it useful, I'm more than happy to have helped.

One Response to The Zune Tag fiasco

  1. lavenderhawk says:

    thank God that you got all that figured out!

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