Spring Break projects: Day 1

So during break, I’ll be posting what I’ve ended up having to wrestle with each day.

Today’s challenges: Getting Waze to run properly on my Fathom. That ended up with me just giving up. It keeps dropping the route. I”ve got some ideas, but I didn’t have time to work on it while driving. I’ll see what happens this week when I test it in everyday settings.

2: New server ram. I ordered RAM for my old PIII server, but the guy who sold it shipped it poorly and it was DOA. Trying to get my refund on it. I hope it works. (This also means that my server is still at 512MB of ram. If you’ve got some PC133 ECC low-profile RAM, I’d be interested in talking with you.)

3: wrestling the HTPC to talk with the new HDTV.
First: testing onboard GFX wasn’t an intial option, as I wanted HDMI, so I upgraded it to an old ATI HD3450, but the board’s chipset dislikes it. Then I tried another ATI card, a HD4350, but that too was broken. Then I had an old nVidia 7600GT that was given to me. Turns out it’s got a bad capicitor and won’t run for more than a few minutes. The nVidia doesn’t have HDMI, so I switched to VGA.
Then I tried a PCI nVidia FX5200 out of desperation. It worked at half-HD (720P) but it didn’t last long. Ended up causing a BSOD after about 15 minutes of video.
Ended up switching to onboard video, running at 720P, and it’s working. BUT! I’ve got a spare board with a more stable chipset, it’s smaller, and I know it supports the ATI HD3450 and 4350, so the HTPC is getting upgraded tomorrow.

That’s all for tonight. Tomorrow’s plans: gutswapping with the HTPC, getting the OS swapped, etc.
Possibly building a wired remote for my Pioneer head unit in my car,
Adding more storage to either the HTPC or the home server, as I’ve got a 500Gig drive sitting waiting to be used.


I’ll probably try to get a new ROM built and flashed to my testphone and then my main phone. Hopefully I’ll get it uploaded by tomorrow night.



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