Apple seeking animatronics expert; looking to reanimate Steve Jobs.

Reports today suggest that Apple is looking for an animatrnoics expert to help reanimate Steve Jobs.
The company has posted a job opening for such an expert today and insider reports suggest it is to reanimate Steve Jobs. The reasoning behind the decision is explained from the anonymous source:

We’ve tried everything to get people to really think that what we’re selling is still almost as good as what we were selling 5 years ago, but they just aren’t buying it anymore. Without Steve here to hypnotize the audience with his hands while saying “Revolutionary”, we just aren’t able to convince the customers to buy our slightly improved models anymore. We might actually have to start thinking of real improvements again. Possibly even try and invent something for once instead of just copying what other companies are already making. We might try inventing a way to deliver entertainment on a large display capable of being connected to smaller pieces of equipment that can provide different formats of media and entertainment. We’re thinking of calling it iTV.

The source went on to explain that nobody has ever considered making a large display entertainment device with the ability to connect to cable providers and other entertainment sources before, and stated that the iTV would be a new form of entertainment. The low end model will start at just $8,000 and be capable of producing stunning black and white images on a 340×480 display at 10 frames per second, with a 5″ display. The high end model will cost $19,000 and come in white instead of black.

Reports have also stated that if they cannot successfully reanimate Steve Jobs completely, they may look to acquire Bandai as a means to convert their small robotic dogs into a large robotic Jobs. The main rumor stating that at the least, Apple requires Jobs to wave his hands while saying “Revolutionary” and then he can go stand back stage and scratch his ear with his leg.

More will be posted as the information is made available. Stay Tuned.



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2 Responses to Apple seeking animatronics expert; looking to reanimate Steve Jobs.

  1. traxxion says:

    LOL … In a Nutshell ;)

  2. windows789 says:

    April Fools :D

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