Findings from my Fathom Testing on haptic feedback (and Android stuff) [and ROM stuff]

So… here’s my findings. It’s pretty interesting in my book.

Touch screen is actually more responsive without the vibration turned on for screen taps. This means that it makes the phone feel snappier and more “modern” than it used to.

It also appears to have a longer battery life. Over the course of the testing, I got 1 notification that my battery had fallen below 10% charge. Beyond that, it never got below 15%. This is a huge change from when my phone would normally be quite close to death.
Beyond those findings, there’s not much else that happens with the device’s battery life or other things. It seems to be just as stable, and it seems to work just fine.

Stay tuned. I’m hopefully going to crank out some working ROM’s later that have some new fixes. I’m looking into a better CDMA\GSM chipset driver, so who knows what will happen. I’ve been looking at some of the other LG WM phones that were produced and found a few that share drivers so i’m playing with their kitchens right now on my devphone.

I’ll also be throwing together a ROM for people who want to boot Android off either the SD card or off the internal storage (It should fit mostly in internal storage, with the rest on the SD card) Basic idea is for it to require an SD card so that you can still get into WM and flash properly if you need to, but it’ll be heavily stripped down WM with no WWAN drivers and no build in packages. Just a plain OS with a shortcut in INIT to boot HARET off the SD Card. it should work. Boot times may be longer than on a normal Android phone, but it’ll be faster than booting it after WM boots.

This will also allow you to upgrade your Android install whenever you want to. Just upload new files to the SD card and you’ll be set.


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