Review: Guy Hayley’s Reality 36 and Omega Point

It’s not often that I review something on this blog. But I feel that this has been long overdue (a few weeks at best).

I shall start off by saying that the only way I discovered Guy Hayley’s writings were by his free book Nemesis Worm that is available for Kindle (Shameless plug) and if you’re not wanting to pay money for something you might not like, check that out first.

I read Reality36 a few months ago (finished it over Thanksgiving break) and immediately put a reminder in my phone to check for his second book when it went on sale. I’ll warn you now: Plan to buy both Reality 36 and Omega Point if you read Reality 36, it’s a cliffhanger ending and you’ll be wanting to start ASAP.

As for the book itself, it was amazing. There’s not much that I can say about it without giving it away, but it was just amazing. The setting is in the near distant future where there’s new technologies that aren’t too far off from what we have now. You follow a quirky Artificial Intelligence who has teamed up with a very serious German. It’s an amazing duo that made me laugh the entire time I read it.

The book’s plot is one that is worth reading twice. This coming from someone who has never (seriously) read any book twice (well… I re-Read Neuromancer. That’s how good this book is. It ranks with Neuromancer. I liked Neuromancer). Not even Harry Potter. Not even Hatchet or The Chronicles of Narnia series. It’s that good.

I’d say go buy it now and enjoy it. If you’ve got a Kindle compatible device (Read: any device with a screen) then you can get the Kindle book for under $4. Otherwise get it in print. I’m tempted to myself.

As for Omega Point: I wish I could say it was as great as Reality 36, but I can’t. I’m slightly disappointed in it, but only because I appreciated the action and quirkiness that was in Reality 36, and it just wasn’t as prevalent in Omega Point. I do realize that the plot flows better when it is written the way it was, but it still left me wanting a bit more. Here’s hoping that he’ll sell enough copies for the publisher to buy another book in the series, so we can see just how well this duo will work out. I feel that as a whole, the book was still good, just not the same as Reality 36 (And I’m glad for that. If it was the same, I’d feel like I was re-reading it again).

I think I’ll give Guy Hayley one more chance. Champion of Mars will be out soon (It might be already, but I’m too tired to check Amazon) and I’ll probably buy it this summer to read. If Reality 36 and Omega Point are anything to go by, it’ll be awesome. (Supposedly it gives some insight to some of the plot of Reality 36 and Omega Point, somewhat of a precursor)

Oh… and if you’re wondering, he’s got a blog and a Twitter. He’ll enjoy your comments too if you’re interested.

His twitter: @Guy_Hayley. His blog: His author page:



(PS: Buy his books. Read them too)


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