DLO Transdock Zune teardown

So I decided to teardown my DLO Transdock for Zune that I got off Amazon for $5.P0001_042112

Inside there are 3 boards, one drives the display, one does all the smarts stuff, and a board on the bottom that I discovered isn’t used for Zune (I pulled the board from the unit and was able to charge and play music  through the unit just fine.

There’s also a tricky little thing they did to the cable that you wouldn’t think to check. On the Zune end of the cable is all the Zune AUTH junk. Tons of resistors and two chips.

Teardown is simple:

1: grab between the two halves of the main unit (you’ll be able to see the seam in the black plastics) and pull up. It works best to use the buttons to your advantage.

You now have two halves available.


The two white things slide up and you can remove them. Exposing the three boards.P0003_042112P0005_042112P0006_042112

The three boards separate in the same way that you can stack an ardunio. Just pull apart.

The middle board is connected to the 12V DC power from the car.


The bottom board seems to be pretty useless for Zune. It doesn’t need to be attached for it to charge, play and do FM broadcasts. Probably a USB enumeration chip for other media players.



To tear down the jack end (You will damage it and it won’t stay clipped, so be prepared to ziptie it or tape it shut.)

Just stick your fingernail or a creditcard into the button and twist. It’ll pop apart and you can see the auth guts.




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