Fixing slow write times for my Buffalo NAS

I’ve got a used, old, worn out Buffalo NAS. It’s got a 250GB IDE drive, 2 USB ports, and 10\100 LAN on it. To top it off, it also has print-server function and some other tastyness that I don’t really use (like a full linux install that I threw on there for the fun of it)
Problem is: if it sits for a long period of time doing not-too-much, then it starts slowing down when you try to write to it.
A quick google search turned up what to do (Not sure why it happens though)
1: Clear the print server cache. Even if you don’t have a printer attached, clear it anyways.
2: No printer attached? Disable Print server completely. Why keep it turned on if you’re not going to use it.

Reboot the box and you should see your 5MB+\sec write times show right back up! Hopefully that works for you. I had about given up on it until I stumbled upon that little piece of advice. Now I just need to see what else I can get it to do =)


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