New ROM and the V7 Homescreen

Uploaded the latest build of the ROM, includes the option to enable the V7 Homescreen.
Also added links to a .cab of the Homescreen and an Ext of it as well.
ROM changes are:
Finally officially replaced the email and texting with the ones from 6.5.5, meaning threading everywhere.
Added the V7 homescreen option,
removed some more crapware

Coming soon:
Replacing Nuance with Microsoft Voice Command.



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Someone who feels the need to help others using the information that I have discovered. If someone else finds it useful, I'm more than happy to have helped.

4 Responses to New ROM and the V7 Homescreen

  1. traxxion says:

    Sounds good. Excuse to reflash methinks!

  2. Pavel says:

    Hey man, keep it up! I’m gonna try to flash this on my phone, and let you know how it works. By the way, I managed to flash to the official V7, I love it, but it just goes crazy on me. For example, whenever I type in Opera, and press backspace it delete 2 letters instead of one. The texting is basically the one you left us with after using arcsoft-be-gone, but about a week ago it went totally nuts and now my text convos are out or order. I no longer receive the new ones on top. It’s all mixed around and the option to sort them really does not help. Anyway of solving this? Maybe I should just flash to your ROM and hope for the best.

    • pizzaboy192 says:

      If you plan on keeping V7 installed, here’s some tips:
      in the Windows Texting app (not the arcsoft one) if it starts sorting it funny, there’s two sets of choices on top, one will say Inbox and the other will be your “Sort By” menu. Tap it and sort it however you want. I like sorting it by conversations, but sorting it by Received will work too.
      As for Opera, try using Opera Mini instead. It should work just as well and works properly with the LG Fathom keyboard. I had the same issue too, and seems to be a bug in V7 (that’s why I base my ROMs off V5)

  3. Pavel says:

    Thanks man! I’ll go delete Opera Mobile 10 and switch over to mini. Also I tried what you told me but the incoming messages will be in mixed with the old ones, so if you’d text me now, it wont appear at the top of the list like it use to be, it’d be in the middle, or a random place in the list. Before the top would be recent text and bottom would be older ones. Ah well, I’ll just flash over to your ROM for now.

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