My Zune HD Died (Help me replace it!)

Yeah… my Zune HD Died. There seems to be something wrong with it, where it overheats and then shuts down quickly by freezing and corrupting the screen. Seeing as the Zune uses a Tegra processor, it could mean the processor is bad, the GPU is bad, the RAM controller is bad, or any other number of issues.
I contacted Microsoft support and they’re offering me either a 16GB Zune HD (Identical to what I own) or an 80GB Red Zune Classic for $119. That’s cheaper than a refurb one on eBay!
Only problem is: I do not have any funds to replace this with. That is why I am doing a donation drive to replace it. All donations from now till the end of summer will go towards me replacing this Zune with either the HD or the 80GB. I haven’t decided which yet, which is why I am also asking for opinions.

Should I get another HD and enjoy the HD Radio and AudioSurf Tilt? or should I get the Zune Classic and enjoy Video out and 80GB of storage for my entire media collection (Music and videos and Doctor Who)

Leave a comment to help me out!
(The button to donate as always is on the downloads page!)


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