Upgrading to Windows 8: tips and tricks.

Yeah. Read for more than 3 seconds before clicking next.
First: DO NOT USE “N” Keys if you’re not currently on an “N” Key’d system. I made that mistake (N keys are rarely used on Technet subs) and it wiped all my programs in the process. If you do decide to brave the install using an N key, be advised that you’ll want to install the media pack to be able to play most media files, along with installing Zune Media player.
If you’re not installing using an N key, you’ll be fine. All your programs will still be there, and nothing should be the matter.

First impressions: Pretty good. Can’t wait for Office 2013 to RTM so I can run it as well, because Office 2010 isn’t as shiny as it was on Windows 7.
I don’t have a touch screen, and I don’t have a touch pad that is gesture enabled, but it still seems to work fine. No issues here so far. Start screen takes all of 4 seconds to get used to.

I seem to be getting better battery life off Windows 8, and I really enjoy the fastboot option (shutdown just closes programs and suspends kernel. Only way you can actually shut down is to restart and pull power, or to specify a full shutdown. No big deal.
Plus, I like using things like Rainmeter on my system and haven’t had any issues with any old programs being stopped yet. I can’t install Microsoft Security Essentials, but it seems to be built in as “Windows Defender” now. Again, no big deal.

Ask me any questions you may have about it, and I’ll try my best to answer them. Biggest problem that I’ve found so far is that if you move the taskbar to the side, the hotpoints don’t move with it. Oh well.



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