I am _through_ with my Fathom. You can buy it from me!

Yeah. I’m done with it. I am replacing it as soon as I can (within a month or two) and don’t plan on using Windows Mobile unless I have to. I will however be keeping one of the three Fathoms that I have to continue building ROMS for those of you who still want to use the Fathom, and I’ll continue to test new features, but with how unreliable my phone has become, I cannot say that I’m suggesting you do the same.
Because of this, I will be selling off my Dev devices. I have 1 Unlocked Fathom that is slightly used, works great, just needs me to finish up getting it’s NV restored properly, and I have 1 locked Fathom that will also be sold. Both have good batteries, but will not come with chargers. One has a screen protector currently on it, one does not.
Make an offer for the set (or a single one) and I’ll consider it. I just want them gone.

If you’re curious why I decided to sell them off: here’s the main reason: For the past week and a half I haven’t been able to trust my phone to be actually running. Usually it will reboot if it hangs, but it’s been getting stuck on a black screen and draining my battery. It’s frozen multiple times without re-booting, preventing my alarms from going off (luckily I tend to wake up easily, and my internal clock isn’t too off yet) but I just can’t stand this from something that I should rely on.
My replacement is going to be a HTC Trophy. Yes, I know, it’s an _OLD_ Windows Phone, but I haven’t heard anything negative about Windows phone from the people I know who use them. Plus I can get an extended battery and enjoy a long lasting charge without worrying about plugging in.
I’m also planning on selling off some of my other random handhelds so that I can buy the Trophy off contract off eBay. If you have enjoyed any work that I’ve done, please send me a donation to my Paypal and I’ll be able to replace it sooner.
I was hoping for about $100 for the pair of fathoms, or $60 for the unlocked one and $40 for the locked one. They both work well, and have no cosmetic issues. Both have working batteries, but will _NOT_ come with chargers. I can include a disc with all my development progress so far, so that you can continue where I left off if you want. (extra $5 shipping on either or all)

Also, I’ll be selling a semi-wonky Zune HD. It likes to freeze, but it works fine in cooler climates. $60 for that sucker too.
Want an Apple G3 iBook (white) with 6GB HDD, AirPort, and working battery and charger? $50 + $15 shipping.

Yeah. I’m trying to earn money here. If you’ve got a messed up HTC trophy you’d like to send my way, I’d gladly pay to have it shipped to me so that I can get off this dang phone.


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Someone who feels the need to help others using the information that I have discovered. If someone else finds it useful, I'm more than happy to have helped.

One Response to I am _through_ with my Fathom. You can buy it from me!

  1. Andrew says:

    The HTC Trophy is a great device. My parents use one and it NEVER froze. There are also a lot more apps for Windows Phone 7 than Windows Mobile.

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