Breaking the lock of an SD card.

So I have had an old SD card laying around for a few years that I accidentally broke the case on. It was the result of a horribly designed USB SD card reader, and in the process of the case being destroyed, I lost the lock switch.
I had assumed for the longest time that the lock switch was an electronic component of the card itself, and not something that card readers had. Turns out, after looking at my Raspberry Pi and observing the lock switch in action, that I could, in fact, trick the Pi and my desktop into seeing my SD card as writable, and also be able to use it.

It’s all in the sense switch. As you can see, all I did was stick a strip of card stock into the case, right where the lock switch should be. This sticks it permanently into the “Unlocked” position, allowing me to use the card and write an OS to it. The PI also sees the card as writable and allows the same freedoms. I was also able to finally delete all those old pictures and game files off of it so that I can use it in projects again!


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