Windows Phone: Day 1

Technically… day 1.5 (36ish hours in)
First: I had the unfortunate issue of getting my new (used) HTC Trophy on a day that MS was doing work on This meant that it didn’t sync my contacts or other info until about 5 hours after initial setup. I assumed I had done something wrong, so I reset the phone (hard resets go fast though, and I hadn’t set up anything yet)
The phone itself is impressive. A HUGE improvement over my old LG Fathom. Windows Phone’s only disadvantages so far have been the inability to customize SMS\alert sounds, and the inability to sideload programs. The second was fixed with a Dreamspark AppHub subscription, and the first will hopefully be fixed soon (either with a custom ROM, or an InteropUnlock and WP7 Root tools to get access to the registry. The alternate is supposedly to just replace alert.wav files with alternate ones via an xap file. That is what I’d probably do if nothing else.)
Second: Battery life on a 2 year old used phone is horrible. I have a new one on the way. It is _NOT_ for the Trophy, but instead for the HTC Touch Pro 2. It is also an extended battery. 400 extra MAH. Hopefully it works. It should be in next week.
As for the actual Windows Phone half: It’s rather impressive. I am enjoying TellMe and Bing. The appstore is cool. I don’t like paying for apps, but the alternative of _nothing_ else is kinda not a huge bummer. Only having an Android tablet, I don’t see a reason to complain. I have games that require Android on the tablet, and most of those work best on a tablet (Draw Something, words with friends, etc) but quick games are perfect on a phone, and works well. I don’t miss any games that might be available on Android and I don’t have anything iOS to try with.
Overall I’m rather impressed with it. I know that Windows Phone 8 is now out, and I cannot wait for an official WP7.8 ROM for my phone (I could just use WP7.8 custom ROMs, but I’ll wait for them to be using an official release instead of a leaked one).
I will post more when I get the chance to fully try out the phone.


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